Hidden Canyon150dpi12x9inches.jpg


My landscape drawings emerge as poetic expressions of my wonderment for the natural world. They are almost always based on actual places that I’ve visited and are the result of an internal process that involves meshing together memories with categorical knowledge, like science, philosophy, or history.

I often use recurring motifs, such as cross sections and concentric patterning in my work. Cutaways provide a way to open up my landscapes and help tell the story of their inner workings. I integrate concentric patterns with natural elements, like folding rock and tree rings. These abstractions stand in for my more emotive and inarticulable responses to nature. 

All of the drawings shown on my website are finished in watercolor and gouache. I appreciate the luminosity of watercolor and the flat and even quality of gouache. Both media lend themselves to careful and detailed technique. Recently I’ve learned to use digital media in developing a related body of work. My digital drawings have a similar aesthetic and theme as my work in watercolor, but are entirely rendered in the digital medium. My drawings in watercolor are original and will not be reproduced. However, I intend to produce limited edition prints of my digital drawings.